Mountain West IT is one of the best small business Information Technology (IT) firms in the Treasure Valley.  Our IT Engineer has worked with a large variety of small businesses across the US, but has decided to settle the company into the Boise area because this city can provide a very high quality of life for our family with it's beautiful surroundings, excellent schools, recreational activities such as skiing, rafting, hiking, biking etc., culture & culinary variety.  We are so happy that we've decided to make the Treasure Valley our forever home to raise our family.  

Technology Consultants

At Mountain West IT, LLC, we love working with technology.  We want to allow you to feel at peace in the office knowing that everything is taken care of.  We are a phone call away.  We have a very quick response time.  We love being a part of Treasure Valley.  Give us a call, find out who - what - where - when - why and how we are on of the best techology companies in Teasure valley that focuses on Small Businesses.

Computer Professionals

Where to begin.... we have ton's of experience being computer professionals.  We have worked with some of the major companies in the area as well as in the country/globe.

There are few things that we have not run into.  

Business Technology Needs

We have the resources to get all of the technology needs for your office.  We have over 30 years of experience in getting your office what they need.  We can get it all.  We know the big companies and have worked with many of them in getting any/all supplies for your office.

Small Business rocks!!!